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Standee for Vinyl and Flex (2.5; X 6'), (3; X 6'),:

We find that people see a banner only if they are visually pleasing to the eyes. If they are too hard on the eyes, they rather skip the advertisement and just
walk off. Even an organizer of an event or a show makes sure that the banners that put on display are pleasing to the eyes of the public. We offer our customers Retractable Banner Stands which are famous at Trade shows, Fashion Shows and Concerts. They can also be used in other places. The specialty of this Stand is that the height of the stand can be adjusted with ease and these can be folded and kept with ease. Based on the structure of the Retractable Banner Stand, the prize is fixed. The customers just need to browse our website for the various styles of Retractable Banner Stands that are being provided by us and then place the order if they are satisfied with the explanation of the stands.

These Banners stands are also called Roll up Banners. They can be setup with ease. The stands just have to be placed on the ground and have to be rolled up. This feature makes it portable and they can be transferred from one place to another with ease. The printed graphics on the banners are rolled inside the stand towards the bottom side. Once they enter the place of exhibition or other shows, they have to roll it up and place it. The graphics of these banners are generally vibrant and soothing to the eyes. The body of the stand is made of metal just to have a grip when it is placed on the surface.

We at Circle One sell these stands along with the printed banners. The customer just has to either upload or select the design from our website and place the order. Generally we suggest our clients to get the banners printed because it becomes easy for us to set up with the stand. The stands that are offered to the customers are plain metallic stand and the stand with lighting.
A person can also change the banner inside the stands, it would be difficult in the beginning, but by reading the manual, it makes a person efficient enough to handle the banner and change it. By this we can say that the Retractable Banner Stands have a long life. The care that has to be taken with these stands is that they are to be placed in a place that is cool and must be avoided through direct contact of the sun. Thus these stands are best for indoor displays. The Retractable Banner stands can be cleaned by using warm water.
These Retractable Banner Stands are printed as well as transferred to the customer in a week's time. Before we deliver the stands to our customers, we test the quality, print and packaging of the product. If these are satisfactory to our standards, the stands are delivered. This activity is done by us so that we can avoid disappointment of our customers.

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